Here are a few reviews I have had with some of my lovely clients! Any review is highly appreciated and always very helpful, and knowing that my clients are 100% happy with their experiences gives me great pleasure! 

—  "I simply cannot recommend Tamilla enough. Friendly, hardworking, and professional. She made me feel really at ease for my shoot, and it was incredible to see how creative and quick-thinking she is.


When it came to post-production, Tamilla and I had a very in-depth dialogue about the colouring of the shots, which is something I’ve never experienced with any other photographer I’ve worked with. This meant that I have immense respect and trust in Tamilla, as I know that she wanted to create the best product and really wanted to represent my vision.


She ensured that I was 100% happy with everything before anything was shared, and I can honestly say I loved working with her. I can’t wait to book in my next shoot, and I thoroughly recommend everyone do the same!"

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